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How Do Juvederm and Stylage Compare?

When it comes to good skin, who do we trust more than the French? Their outstanding world-class anti-aging formulas have been relied upon and used by French women for centuries. Laboratories Vivacy, with their proud French origin, specialize in innovative skin technology implementing hyaluronic acid. Their next generation formulas are truly tried and tested. With […]

Beating the Fakes: 8 Tips to Always Buying Authentic Dermal Fillers Online

In the past few years, dermal fillers have come to gain a strong stand in the cosmetics market. The reason for this is not far-fetched – if there was anything that worked as well as they did for aesthetics, they would be expected to sell well too. Just like any other bestselling product, dermal fillers […]

Princess Fillers Rebranded to saypha®

Croma-Pharma, the Austrian manufacturers of Princess Fillers have rebranded their Princess filler range into a new brand called saypha®. The move is a step forward in harmonising its global plan efforts. Many customers will embrace the change, whilst others will not welcome it so gladly. Well, the saying goes “You can’t always please everyone.” Or can […]

Common Questions About Dermal Fillers & Botox, Answered

Dermal fillers have fast become the new fountain of youth. They embrace a highly practical and entirely natural method to the treatment of wrinkles and aging lines on the face. Fast gaining traction as the gold standard for cosmetic correction of ageing – and temporary reversal of the process – the growing interest around these […]

Why are we So Obsessed With The Perfect Pout?

UNCATEGORIZEDMay 30, 2021 Lip fillers or plumping your pout is now becoming as mainstream as  teeth whitening. While some trends filter in and back  out of our social media feeds, lip fillers are here to stay. Influencers  are defining beauty with their fixation on lip fillers. Thin lips are  becoming a minority. We are living in the age of the […]

How is PRX-T33 Different to Traditional Chemical Peels?

PRX-T33 Peel is a no-needle bio-revitalizer developed by Italian scientists in the northern region of Italy – Trieste. Whilst fillers plump up skin and smooth out lines, PRX-T33 addresses the appearance of the top layer of skin, removing dull surface cells, creating beautiful younger-looking skin. Moreover, it improves fine lines and discolouration. Quick and pain-free, […]

What is Hip Dip Contouring and How Can It Be Achieved Using Sculptra?

A medical professional who has experience in using Sculptra should always be used. Sculptra has many uses. Although it has been formulated for improving volume in marionette lines, nasolabial folds, temples, tear troughs and cheek augmentation, it has also been widely used for: The latter is used by medical professionals to create an hourglass figure, commonly […]

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