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Cosmelan and Dermamelan are the world’s most popular treatments for all types of skin pigmentation, and they are safe and effective on all skin types. View fullsize View fullsize COSMELAN VS DERMAMELAN TREATMENT? Dermamelan is 20-30% stronger than Cosmelan Peel, so it is more suitable for deeper pigmentation. Your therapist can help you decide whether […]

The Inside Job – What A Boost Of Collagen Can Do For You

Creams, oils and sunscreens make a huge difference to your skin, but your complexion also depends on what you eat, how you exercise and when you sleep. It is seriously an inside job. I came across an article the other day by Goop. They’ve certainly outdone themselves with a clever invention – a drinkable potion […]

One Other Reason Why Women Want Lip Fillers

UNCATEGORIZEDJuly 1, 2018 Lip fillers are not just for plumper looking lips, what some women want to address is simply the asymmetry in their face – where one side of their lip is significantly smaller than the other, so a simple lip injection can correct this. Previously collagen was used to correct lip asymmetry. However, […]

Is The Cupid’s Bow The Most Attractive Facial Feature And How To Get One

UNCATEGORIZEDJanuary 20, 2019 Not all patients want fuller looking lips, some are more conscious about their Cupid’s Bow, the shape of their upper lip. In fact, this a frequent request by many patients when they visit their aesthetic practitioner.  Whilst all the facial features play their own individual role in creating ultimate attractiveness, the lips […]

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Your Face

As the years pass, many women find that sun damage, wind damage, hormone changes and normal aging has caused a variety of wrinkles on their faces that cause them to look older than they really are. Fortunately, a wide variety of methods for reducing the look of wrinkles are available today. Some of these treatments […]

How Does Restylane Work & How Long Does It Last?

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Wrinkle KillerIn the beauty industry, wrinkles have long been a concern for many. To that end, many products have been created to combat this problem, but with little or no effect. However, that was before the solution known as Restylane came into the limelight. Having spent quite some time […]

The Lunch-Time Nose Job I Am Considering

UNCATEGORIZEDNovember 21, 2018 It was only until recently when I saw myself in some pictures captured at my sister’s wedding that I started to analyse myself more carefully in photos. I noticed the bridge of my nose slightly more arched than previous years – perhaps due to the increased wear of glasses? That can’t be […]

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